About Us

Unity – in the common brotherhood and UNITY of mankind.

Neighborliness – that my highest fulfillment and greatest happiness are to be found in unselfish service to my NEIGHBOR

Integrity – that INTEGRITY of character – not wealth, position, or power – is the greatest possession I can have

Charity – that true CHARITY is not motivated by selfish purpose, but is the expression of genuine love for my neighbor

Opportunity – in my responsibility to use every OPPORTUNITY to increase my usefulness to the needy and underprivileged


Facts about the Foundation

The Montville UNICO Foundation is the nonprofit arm of Montville Chapter of UNICO National, the country’s largest Italian-American service organization. Montville Chapter of UNICO welcomes those who wish to help us continue our chapter’s mission of charity and service.

The Montville UNICO Foundation is dedicated to the education and support of individuals, families and other charitable organizations in our community. By offering our assistance, we hope to aid the less fortunate with their participation in and contribution to society.

Since 1989 Montville UNICO has contributed over $1.5 Million to those in need. Charitable service is expanded through the Montville UNICO Foundation, which enthusiastically works to fulfill the community’s needs through financial support or goods & services.


Our Governing Principles are:

  • To assure that support shall be available to those in need without regard to race, age, creed, color, gender, national origin or sexual orientation.
  • To foster, encourage and promote Italian heritage and culture as a creative force.
  • To honor our UNICO pledge of: Unity, Neighborliness, Integrity, Charity and Opportunity.
  • To encourage high ethical standards in family, community, business and professions.
  • To provide the coordination of access to private and public resource.
  • To provide services and activities that will address the full spectrum of our community’s needs.